Exhibitors / Vendors Space Assignments, Maps and Instructions

Know Your Space Assignment!
The first thing you should do prior to the event is look at the Alphabetical List document to find where you should set up your table(s).  Then, look at the My Pavilion Map or the My Gym Map to locate your space.  You may also view a Map of the Center and a Flyer of the Event.  All documents are below and can be downloaded for your convenience.

Alphabetical List

My Pavilion Map

My Gym Map

Map of the Center
Flyer of the Event
Check-in / Setup Times for Vendors / Exhibitors with tables in the Gym:
  • Friday, September 6th, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.
  • Saturday, September 7th, from 8:00 - 10:00 am.
Check-in / Setup Times for Vendors / Exhibitors with tables in the Pavilion:
  • Limited to Saturday 7th, from 8:00 - 10:00 am.
Check-in will be handled by Go Green staff located at the inside door entrances to the gym and the pavilion.  They will direct you to your space.
The overnight security  at the community center is not 100%, and if you plan to check-in and setup Friday evening, you should not leave anything overnight that you wouldn't want to lose.  Peninsula Master Gardeners and Brittingham Recreation Center are not responsible for any theft or losses.
Parking, to unload and setup:
  • Park in one of the three "Park to Unload" spots indicated on the Map of the Center.
  • Use the circled entrances to the pavilion to bring in your tables and merchandise.
  • Place your tables in front of the two chairs marked with your correct space assignment numbers.
  • After unloading, all exhibitors must move their vehicles to the Hines Middle School parking lot diagonally across from the community center.
Other Important Things You Need to Know:
  1. The community center is providing two chairs/exhibit.  If you have more than two people attending your exhibit, please bring additional chairs as needed.
  2. There are a limited number of tables available.  Tables will be provided for the spaces marked in green on the maps.
  3. Food at the Expo; the following vendors will be selling food and beverages at Go Green and are color coded purple on the gym and pavilion maps.
    • Grunow's Kitchen--appetizers, finger foods, infused water, and local honey.
    • Hears the Scoop--hand dipped ice cream and root beer floats in the pavilion.
    • NOSH--ever-changing menu of creative, globally inspired and locally sourced eats in the pavilion parking area.
    • Red Barn Berkshires--grilled farm-raised pork menu items, vegetables, chips, and drinks in the pavilion parking area.
    • Wild Earth Brewing--kimchi, sauerkraut, hot sauce, chow chow, pickles , in the pavilion.
    • Newport News Master Gardeners' Bake Sale--baked goods in the gym.
  4. Exhibitors who have requested access to electricity should bring a 3-pronged 25' extension cord to ensure easy access.  Cords should be secured using gaffer's tape (no duct tape allowed on gym surface) which the Go Green staff will have on hand.
  5. For exhibitors who plan to hand out samples of their edible products, it is your responsibility to have obtained an appropriate health permit from the City of Newport News.
  6. No packing up and leaving will be permitted until after 3:00 pm.
  7. If you have questions, or need help of any sort from Go Green staff at the event, go to the main VCE/NNMGA tables (at G1--G4 on your exhibition map) or to the "Information Kiosk" indicated on the building map.
We look forward to seeing you at the Expo!  Thanks again for participating!
Sue Campbell
Newport News Master Gardener
Go Green Expo 2019 Vendor/Exhibitor Chair