Rain Barrel Workshop

The Newport News Master Gardeners, in cooperation with the Newport News Waterworks, the Newport News Recycling Office, and The Mariners' Museum, will conduct Rain Barrel Workshops in 2022.

The cost to purchase a barrel and kit is only $60 per barrel, and will be held at the dates, times and locations listed below.  Also, you will be provided with a link to a video to help you with assembly.  You can also do a search on YouTube for Newport News Go Green Youtube Rain Barrel Workshop.  Our next workshops scheduled for 2022 are:


02/05/2022---Brittingham Mid-town Community Center

03/19/2022---CNU Spring Garden Symposium

04/16/2022---Newport News Recycle Center

05/28/2022---The Mariners' Museum

09/10/2022---Brittingham Mid-town Community Center (Date and site may change)

All workshops will be held at 10:00 am.  If you are registered, you will be notified of any changes in dates, times and locales.  Please use the Pay Now button below to select a date and to register.  For more information, call the Newport News Virginia Cooperative Extension Office at 757-591-4838.  If you register to participate in this event, please be aware that you will need to take your rain barrel home in a vehicle large enough to accommodate a 55 gallon drum.  Actually, one drum this size is able to fit in the back seat of a Volkswagen!   


Daisy chained!

Conducting a past workshop

Preparing for a workshop